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Hi, I like to thank you for visiting Police Breaking The Law. I named this website Police Breaking The Law to focus on the unseen police brutality in our community. Are domain name was purchased on June 2013. Do to a lot of personal problems I was not able to complete this website in a timely manner. But now it’s finished. Are official launch date is 00-00-18

I had started to realize America and other countries was having a growing problem with the public unwilling to address these issues. Here we are committed to building the largest database of people in power like police officers and governments across the world abusing it. We also cover prison abuse on this website. So tell your story or help someone tell theirs. This website is mainly local users to upload video’s of people in power abusing it. But the news media are more than welcome to upload video’s and share them with people in their community and around the world with are user’s. We are focused on providing the public with information submitted by our user’s. Users may upload video’s on Police, Mayors, State Attorneys, Judges, Government City Conical Men, and other Government Leader that has broken the law.

Only the latest videos uploaded will be shown first keeping the community up to date on what’s going on in their city and around the world.

When preparing to shoot a video for this website hold your phone sideways with the camera lens on the left side, with it facing away from you. Videos have to be shoot this way for this website to keep it from uploading counter clockwise. Keep you finger on screen keep the screen lit until video uploads.

So don’t put your video’s on YouTube, Facebook or other social networking sites to get lost in there search engine forever. Get your video seen by people in your community and all over the world. Upload them here so they can be placed into proper category. What do I mean proper category? I’ll explain in the next paragraph.

When registering do not use your name as a user name. After registering you will be emailed a link to create a password. If you have trouble finding your link check your emails spam folder. —————. After logging in you will be taken to a page where you can put the Title of the video. Then after this you can give a Video Description. The Duration is next this is time length of the video. This last step is very important. Make sure you pick your Country, State, and City this is how others can narrow a search to a place and see your video.

Be patient video’s will take a little time to upload.

Comment section under videos is closed.

One more thing to get this website to pop up first in the search engine type in PoliceBreakingTheLaw.com with no spaces. The SEO is going to get redone later.

I’m still trying to improve this website. I hope you find are user’s videos useful and continue to visit my website.

This website can also be used for family and friends to speak to the community about someone they love locked up for something they didn’t do. PLEASE DON’T USE MY WEBSITE IF YOU THINK THE PERSON YOU LOVE IS GUILTY.

This website can be used for people moving to a different place, going on a vacation, or fighting a court case.

This website is here to help you by giving you a history of a place.

This website works with computers and cell phones so you will have know problems viewing and uploading videos.

Twitter – Also don’t forget to follow this website on Twitter at PBTL@PBTLwebsite. Tell your followers about us.

Facebook – As of 2-5-15 Police Breaking The Law got a Facebook fan page with the word Website underneath it. If you like this website PLEASE like on Facebook page and invite your Facebook friend to like us too.

Thank You

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